Apple Corer/Dicer – My New Kitchen Gadget

apple corer about to be used

I make a lot of juice using apples – it is one of my favourite juices.  Sometimes I have it on its own, but more usually I mix it with other fruit and vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumber and beetroot. To cut down on preparation time, I recently invested in an apple corer/dicer.  This … [Read more...]

Making Ice Cream with My Juicer!

frozen strawberries for making ice cream with a juicer

This week I have made some ice cream with my juicer and it tasted absolutely gorgeous!  The best thing about it is that you don’t have to feel guilty because it is full of natural ingredients. How to Make Ice Cream Here is how I did it.  I put sliced frozen banana and whole strawberries in the … [Read more...]

Juicers – More than Just Juicing

samson juicer attachments

When you buy your first juicer, you may be surprised at the versatility that many of these machines have.  In addition to providing you with healthy nutritious juices, these machines can often be used for other things too. Some of the most adaptable products are the single gear juicers, such as … [Read more...]

Making Apple Juice – Why I Love My Juicer

compare apple juice form a juicer and bought from shop

I love making apple juice with my juicer and there really is a difference in the taste compared to shop bought juice. If you are a bit of an apple connoisseur, you can even juice your favourite type of apple – and the juice tastes just like your favourite apple variety! The first time that I … [Read more...]

Is the Norwalk Juicer Worth the Expense?

norwalk juicer

If you have ever considered juicing, you might have been completely overwhelmed at the number of choices available on the market. There are many different types of juicers, and not all of them are created equally. You can spend $10 and get a "juicer" that will do little more that squish an orange … [Read more...]

New Juicing Website

screengrab of new juicing website

Welcome to my new website on juicing! Although I have had this website for sometime now, I have just decided to update the look of it and add a blog. This gives me a bit more flexibility in how I upload content and also gives an opportunity for YOU to leave comments. If you have any … [Read more...]