The Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass

If you have ever entered a smoothie shop or place that serves juices, you have likely seen the term wheatgrass. This very popular plant is known as one of the most potent super foods on the planet. This little plant gets this high accolade simply because of all the amazing health benefits of wheatgrass.

Couple lying in a feild of wheatgrassIn fact research is revealing so much more information about what fresh wheatgrass juice can do for the body. Some people even call it “liquid sunshine” because it has such a large content chlorophyll.

As we all remember from school, chlorophyll is what makes the plant green and what causes it to harness the energy from the sun.

Putting chlorophyll into your body can give you an immense amounts of energy as well as provide you with a full host of other health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Wheatgrass juice

First of all you need to understand what wheatgrass is. It is basically very young grass of the wheat plant and is harvested very early while the nutrients and minerals are still at their peak.

Of course now you can buy the grass in powder form to make it more convenient to use at home. You might also see Barley grass is being offered in the stores as another superfood, however wheatgrass still has higher levels of certain vitamins and minerals.

The thing that makes wheatgrass most outstanding is the enormous amount of chlorophyll that it contains. At about 70% chlorophyll, this is a very complete food with sources of vitamins C, E, K and B complex.

Wheatgrass is also rich in mineral content. Some of the minerals it contains are iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc. It also contains many amino acids including about 17 kinds of them and over 80 enzymes.

Start Your Day With A Wheatgrass Shot!

Instead of starting your day with a cup of caffeinated coffee, it would really benefit you to start it with a shot of wheat grass juice. You will get so much more nutritional energy from this juice, and your health will soar.

There are a long list of health benefits of wheatgrass juice. For instance, there is a very high content of iron in wheatgrass juice which makes it a wonderful builder of the blood.

Since it increases the red blood cell count, people with anemia would benefit greatly from a daily dose of wheat grass juice.

Wheatgrass juice is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory because it is highly alkaline. Therefore, if you have arthritis this would be a great supplement to add to your daily diet.

Wheatgrass Juicers

Do you need a special juicer for wheatgrass? In a word, yes.  Some cheaper juicers are not capable of dealing with wheatgrass.  You can use a  manual wheatgrass juicer  or many good quality single gear and twin gear juicers are capable of juicing wheatgrass.