Jack Lalanne Powerjuicer Deluxe

As an avid juicer, a friend recommended the Jack Lalanne Powerjuicer Deluxe to me. Here is my review of what this model has to offer.


Like all of his juicers, this one is dishwasher safe, and has built-in safety features. It also includes his usual large sized, detachable pulp collector and an extra-large round feeding chute that will handle almost all kinds and sizes of vegetables and fruits.

The features that make this model stand out are the stylish stainless steel finish, and the non-drip spout.

Also, this juicer features his specially patented extraction technology, which gives you up to 30% more juice from the same amount of raw food than other juicers on the market. This means you end up with less waste, and a more efficient juicer overall.

Finally, his juicer is very well made. It has a surgical quality stainless steel blade and a 3,600 high performance RPM induction motor, covered by a lifetime warranty. But this high power also comes with very quiet operation, something that is difficult to find with other high-powered juicers.


I found this juicer to operate pretty much the same as the Powerjuicer Pro. It works wonderfully with almost all fruits (except bananas, which the book states can’t be used) and most veggies. Following the same instructions, to use soft foods first followed by hard foods if making a mixture, nothing got stuck in the feed chute. The recipes included in the book made about 6 full glasses of juice each time.

Clean-up was also just as easy. All of the parts are dishwasher safe, but I just take the parts and wash them by hand in the sink. My friend advised me to put a plastic bag in the pulp collector basket, and that simplified clean up even further, just lift the bag out and dump the pulp. Pulp collection works very well, with little to no pulp ending up in the juice.

Bottom Line

The Jack Lalanne Powerjuicer Deluxe works as it says it does, and looks great sitting on the counter as well! This is a great juicer for everyday home use.