Norwalk Juicers and the Gerson Institute Fight the Battle Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreaded words in the English language. No one wants to hear the doctor say that they have it, or that someone they love is suffering from it.

However, the idea that cancer is incurable is not a valid one if you ask those who believe in the work of Dr. Gerson. A big part of the Gerson Therapy is the use of Norwalk juicers.

What Makes Them Different to Other Juicers?

Norwalk juicer have been around for a long time. Since the development of the hydraulic press juicer over 100 years ago, juicing has been a component of healthy living.

This press juicer led to the invention of the Norwalk juicer that we know today. The special thing about this particular juicer is that is grates and cuts the fruit using a vortex triturator that causes the mass to be extracted into a linen bag.

This is then put under a hydraulic press which exerts a large down force. This massive pressure allows the Norwalk juicer to produce 50-100% more juice than other juicers.

The Gerson Institute

The Gerson therapy has made the Norwalk juicer very well known. Dr. Gerson is a famous person in medical history as he was said to be able to cure a myriad of illnesses from cancer to arthritis to allergies just from following a particular juicing protocol.

The method he used including a specific way of juicing and having those juices in certain intervals each day. A person will get almost 20 pounds of fresh organic fruits juiced in one day. They will drink 13 servings of these juices along with other solid foods that are also allowed. The idea is to boost the immune system so that it can fight any illness.

Just What the Doctor Reccommends

Dr. Gerson was very specific about which kind of juicer could be used. The Gerson Institute still recommends Norwalk juicer because the can handle the grinding and pressing stages equally well.

In fact, these juicers are used by Gerson patients to this day. Gerson approved hospitals also use Norwalk juicer. They are easy to clean up and made from stainless steel right in the USA. They have a 12 year guarantee, and are also available in a wood grain finish which is quite unique.

If you are looking for a juicer that will allow you to follow the Gerson therapy, it helps to know that Norwalk juicers were what the doctor himself recommended!

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