Juicers – More than Just Juicing

samson juicer attachmentsWhen you buy your first juicer, you may be surprised at the versatility that many of these machines have.  In addition to providing you with healthy nutritious juices, these machines can often be used for other things too.

Some of the most adaptable products are the single gear juicers, such as the Samson, Omega and Matstone models. You can see in the picture the range of attachments that my Samson machine came with when I bought it.  The Champion juicer is also a well-loved, versatile machine.

What Can Juicers be Used For?

Here is an idea of some of the things that they can also be used for:

Making Frozen Fruit Desserts – These are absolutely delicious and I was absolutely blown away when I first tried these.  All you need to do is prepare some frozen fruits such as strawberries, raspberries or my favorite – bananas.

Make sure that the produce is chopped into pieces that will easily fit into the juicer chute, before freezing them. Then use the machine with the special mincing cone attachment. Add milk/yoghurt and honey to suit your own taste.

Nut Butters – Ever thought about making your own peanut butter?  Well now it is possible using your juicer.  In fact you can have fun experimenting with all types of nut butters such as cashew nuts.

Pasta and Noodles – To make beautiful homemade pasta, make up the pasta dough and feed through the machine with the pasta nozzle attachment.  If you have ever used a pasta machine, I think you will find this quicker and easier.

Do you have any unusual uses for your juicing machine?  Let me know, I would love to hear about your experiences.

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