Gerson Therapy

When you think about the barrage of toxins and pollutants that infiltrate our bodies each day, it is amazing that we are able to continue on living our lives as normal.

However, over time, these attacks become too much for many bodies to handle and cancer can develop. The toxins gain entry to our bodies in a number of ways from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the medications we consume.

How Gerson Therapy Can Help

Eating junk foods, drinking alcohol and smoking also contribute to interferring with our delicate body systems. This is why the Gerson Therapy Treatment has become so vitally important to many cancer patients and their families.

The Gerson Treatment is a natural detoxifying process that claims to actually cure cancer. This, of course, is a highly controversial topic but deserves investigation. The primary goal of this treatment is to boost the body’s immune system so much that it will cure cancer, allergies, heart disease and a whole host of other illnesses and conditions.

Juicing is at the Core of the Gerson Therapy Treatment

It is based around juicing fruits and vegetables each day. As a matter of fact, nutrients are derived from 13 fresh organic juices which provide a mega dose of vitamins, minerals and enzymes each day. The idea behind the therapy is the break down diseased tissues in the body while using enemas to eliminate those toxins from the liver.

The Gerson Therapy is an approach for the whole body because it is designed to reactivate the body’s innate ability to heal itself. By making these juices, you are providing the body with a vast array of nutrients which will support the healing process.

Proven History of Results

There are no bad side effects using this therapy at all, and it actually has a 60 year history of being successful. Over 200 respected articles in medical literature have shown that thousands of people have been cured of their supposed “incurable” disease using this therapy.

The therapy is fairly detailed, so it is best to consult with someone trained in the Gerson Therapy. You are literally flooding the body with an influx of nutrients coming from almost twenty pounds of organic fruits and veggies every single day.

Usually, you are making fresh raw juice once each hour, equaling 13 times every day. Raw and cooked solid food is also served generously. This helps improve oxygenation of the cells since low oxygen causes many degenerative diseases. The Gerson Therapy is definitely an important juicing program to consider.

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