Juicing for Cancer – A Natural Way to Fight Cancer?

Juicing for cancer has been reported to work for many people on their personal fight against the disease. The Gerson Institute in San Diego, USA has juicing and the consumption of raw fruit and vegetables at the core of its treatment regime. They have many case studies of people who have naturally cured their cancer.

How Does It Work?

By consuming raw fruit and vegetable juice the body starts to repair it’s immune system. Once this has happened it’s believed that the body then goes on to heal the trouble spot or disease. The reason that juicing is recommended is because it is the quickest most effective way for the body to receive the nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables.

At the Gerson Institute they strongly recommend using one of the most expensive but best juicers on the market the Norwalk juicer. Their recommendation is simple – they believe it is the best. The Norwalk juicer has a way of juicing that is totally unique and unlike any other juicer on the market.

Tests on juice from the Norwalk have proven that it is the most effective at giving you the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins that no other juicer can achieve. This is down to its press action. Find out more about the Norwalk and it unique juicing action.

The Norwalk Juicer

If you are considering using juicing to fight cancer then you may well consider purchasing the Norwalk juicing machine. It is a mighty investment, but then if you are using it to fight cancer then your money may be very well invested.

Research was carried out on the Norwalk juicer versus a centrifugal juicer and it was reported that far more juice was produced, but more importantly that juice contained a higher concentration of minerals.

Take Control of Your Health

I certainly wouldn’t say that juicing will cure your cancer as I strongly recommend that you seek independent medical advice on your particular illness. However I do believe in helping yourself and even if you use conventional drug treatments in your fight against cancer, regularly consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juice is going to help your body fight the diese and boost your immune system.

I totally understand why the Gerson Institute recommend the Norwalk because it’s juice is proven to contain higher levels of nutrients and minerals. They are also only using natural cures so it’s therefore essential that they are the best.

What if You Can’t Afford a Norwalk Juicer

If you can’t afford the Norwalk the institute do recommend an alternative. They suggest you use a Champion juicer to grind the fruit and vegetables and then a press to extract the juice. So you are effectively making use of 2 machines where the Norwalk provides both in one machine.

It’s also important to remember that many people recommend using fresh organic fruit and vegetables for cancer juicing, as they are believed to contain more nutrients. If you are fighting cancer then you are going to want the maximum amount of nutrients to give your body the highest chance of fighting this disease and juicing for cancer might just help you achieve this.