Juicing Nutrition News

Through juicing nutrition, benefits can be easily and quickly absorbed by your digestion organs. Vegetable juice, extracted from fresh vegetables contains important vitamins, minerals, sodium and amino acids. All of these are an essential part of keeping our body fit and healthy.

Juicing a limeAntioxidants protect us form a number of diseases. If we eat plants that make these antioxidants we enjoy the benefits. Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants and plant food can provide these vitamins and nutrients. Juicing is a way to ensure that you are giving your body these important nutrients.

Vitamins are essential to our physical metabolism. The vitamins in fruit and vegetables can be destroyed by heat i.e. cooking. But you can absorb them easily through juicing raw fruit and vegetables.

By combining more than one type of vegetable and or fruit to produce a juice you are increasing your nutrient intake.

Keep It Fresh

To get the maximum amount of juicing nutrition benefits it’s important to use fresh fruit and vegetables. If you have a local market or green grocers with a high turn over of produce this is a good place to start. You always want to try and buy everything regularly, so that you are not juicing things that have been sat around on the worktop for days or lurking in the fridge for weeks on end. This will mean that they have less nutrients in them, so your benefits won’t be as good.

However if it’s anything like our household once you get into juicing you may be surprised how quickly your supplies run down. I used to shop once a week and my fruit and veg seemed to last for the week. However since I’ve got into juicing we eat so much more that I have to regularly top up our supplies.

Try when ever possible to buy fruit and vegetables that are not polluted by agricultural chemicals. Buying organic fruit and veg can be more expensive but the benefits can out weigh the cost. Organic produce is free from pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. However it’s important to make the switch if you can but not to worry about it too much if you can’t. It’s really difficult to control everything that we put into our bodies.

Bunch of carrots for juicingHome Grown

If buying organic fruit and vegetables is too expensive for your budget then how about growing some of your own. You are not going to beat the nutritional value of homegrown fruit and vegetables. After all lets face it you can go straight from garden to juicer, there can be nothing quicker. All of the juicing nutrition benefits will be in your food as it’s not been stored for days in the cooler or on the supermarket shelves. If you also refrain from using any chemicals on your garden then you’ll have all the benefits of organic as well.

The great thing about producing your own fruit and vegetable and juicing is if you have an abundance of a crop. Juicing will allow you to have another interesting way of consuming it so that nothings wasted.

More Raw for Juicing Nutrition

Raw food has the advantage of being as close as possible to its natural state. It’s not been cooked, boiled, added to or had things taken out of it. By using raw fresh fruit and vegetables you are gaining the maxim amount of juicing nutrition.

By avoiding eating large amounts of processed foods your body will not have to waste energy. If we eat food, which is high in colourings, preservatives and artificial flavours are bodies have to spend great amounts of energy sorting and processing all of these things. If you don’t put your body through this you may find you have more energy and your body can spend its time fighting more important things like disease.