Making Apple Juice – Why I Love My Juicer

Sliced apples ready for making apple juice with samson juicerI love making apple juice with my juicer and there really is a difference in the taste compared to shop bought juice.

If you are a bit of an apple connoisseur, you can even juice your favourite type of apple – and the juice tastes just like your favourite apple variety!

The first time that I juiced Granny Smiths apples I was so surprised at the strong flavour of this apple juice.

Healthy Apple Juice

I also think that the juice made from juiced apples is more nutritional.  I have a Samson juicer and it produces a rich coloured juice that is cloudy (below right).  Compare this to some apple juice that I bought in a shop in the picture below (below left).

compare apple juice form a juicer and bought from shop

I’ve heard several people say that the reason commercial apple juice is brown is because it has become oxidised and therefore lost some of its nutritional value. By making your own apple juice with a good quality juicer you can retain the essential enzymes and nutrients in your drink.

Cloudy Apple Juice

Some people are under the misapprehension that cloudy apple juice is not as good as the clear juice found in commercial products.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  One research study found that cloudy apple juice contained almost twice the levels of antioxidants – nutrients that can help fight disease and boost the immune system.

The Cost of Making Apple Juice

Making apple juice with a juicer is not particularly expensive.  But if you want to make your money go further you can try a carrot and apple juice mixture.  These are delicious and really nutritious.  You may also want to look to see if there are any locals who have a ‘windfall’ of apples.  A friend of mine is lucky enough to have a close neighbour that allows him to harvest surplus apples from his garden.  Payment is in apple juice!

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