Making Ice Cream with My Juicer!

frozen strawberries for making ice cream with a juicerThis week I have made some ice cream with my juicer and it tasted absolutely gorgeous!  The best thing about it is that you don’t have to feel guilty because it is full of natural ingredients.

How to Make Ice Cream

Here is how I did it.  I put sliced frozen banana and whole strawberries in the freezer.  I set up my Samson juicer with the mincing cone (rather than the juicing cone).  There is no need for using a nozzle when you are producing this ice cream.

The photo of the strawberries above shows them straight after they came out of the freezer.  They fit nicely into the feeding tube of the juicer and the bananas are also easily added.  The ‘grinded’ frozen fruit comes out the other end of the juicer a little bit like a sausage machine!

Once in the bowl you can add a little bit of natural yoghurt to give a creamy taste.  Some people may choose to add honey for sweetness, although I found that they were sweet enough. And there you have it – strawberry and banana ice cream.

making ice cream - fruit coming out of juicerstrawberry and banana ice cream

You can see in the photo above how the fruit is extruded from the juicer and how it looks in the bowl immediately after coming out of the juicer. It tastes a lot better than it looks, I promise! I have found that bananas work particularly well as ice cream, but I also like to experiment by adding other types of fruit.

Video of Making Homemade Ice Cream with a Juicer

Below is a video that shows step-by-step how to use a Samson juicer to make ice cream.  These are basically the same steps that I used.  You will amazed at the results.  The kids will love it too.

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