New Juicing Website

screengrab of new juicing websiteWelcome to my new website on juicing!

Although I have had this website for sometime now, I have just decided to update the look of it and add a blog.

This gives me a bit more flexibility in how I upload content and also gives an opportunity for YOU to leave comments.

If you have any comments about the new look, I would be delighted to hear them.  If there is anything missing or you would like to see more of anything, just let me know.

The Future

I want to share more recipes and information about juicing with you on this new site.  And if you have any ideas or recipes that you have found useful, I would love to hear about them. You can either contact me via the comments or use the contact page.


Happy juicing!


  1. olivier says:

    Hi Cindy
    great tips and reviews on your site, thanks so much, we have a centrifuge juicer, and we are gonna move on with a masticating one..anyway, we found this recipe really good , and I want to share with you
    Strawberry Heaven:
    2 apples
    1 small beet root (golfball size)
    1/2 small pineapple
    we have this one everynight ( we live on the tropics and strawberries are rare and expensive) and we just love it…our favorite so far
    Much Love from the 3 of us
    Olé & Flowers

    • Cindy says:

      Thanks for your comments and I’m so pleased you are enjoying the site. I will certainly be having a go at your recipe, many thanks for submitting it. Happy juicing, Cindy

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